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hiiii!!! i'm soph :)

Hey, it's nice to meet you! I'm Soph! I'm a Buffalo, NY/ WNY based photographer but I absolutely travel ;)  I'm a lover of all things creative, so if you have an idea or anything you want to incorporate into your session I'm all ears!!


I first got into photography when I was in middle school. My friends & I would walk around all over Lewiston, North Tonawanda, wherever we could go to get pretty pictures. Eventually, for my birthday one year I got my first Canon; an old Rebel XT. I took it everywhere & fell absolutely in love. I really found my passion for creative portraits during that time. I started doing paid gigs junior year of high school & never stopped! My first paid session was a couple from my school & it changed everything. At just 18 years old I solo shot three weddings! It's my calling, my creative outlet & always so amazing to meet & become friends with new clients!!

I love music so I will ALWAYS have a speaker on me if you want to jam during our session! My goal is to make it as easy & effortless as possible on your part. 

So put in an inquiry & let's do this! I can't wait to chat!

<3 Soph



photo taken & designed by instagram-; edited by me

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